Stone Age Adventuring

After reading this interesting post at Dreams in the Lich House, I commented about the possibility of a “Warrior – Hunter – Shaman” take on the “Fighter – Thief – Mage” triad familiar from D&D and similar games.

For Dark Earth, to create a Hunter class, I would simply change the thief skill list to:

Tracking – Trapping – Athletics – Searching – Perception

(basically just replacing “Lockpicking” with “Tracking” and “Acrobatics” with “Athletics”)

I would probably tweak the Mage to be extra-low-magic, possibly even granting spell points at a later level, or replacing magic entirely with something like “herb lore” and the ability to make various drugs and perform basic first aid, as well as accessing “ancestral knowledge” about creatures, plants, locations, and whatnot.

I would have stupid amounts of fun running a game like that.


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